About Hernia Treatment

A hernia is a weakness or opening in the abdominal wall, which often results in bulging out of fat or an organ such as intestine, which then occupies space under the skin. The opening in the abdominal wall through which the fat or organs protrude is called the Hernia defect. Hernia can affect anybody – going by statistics one-in-ten of us will have hernia at some point in our lives. It is found in both sexes, can occur at any age and sometimes infants may be born with it. Surgery for hernia is one of the most commonly performed operations worldwide with millions of cases being treated every year.


1. A hernia may first appear as a new lump or bulge in the groin or in the abdominal area. There may be an associated dull ache but usually it is not painful on touch. The lump increases in size on standing, coughing and may be pushed back/disappear on lying down.
2. A small painless hernia if left untreated usually increases in size.
3. Occasionally, the hernia may become irreducible i.e. it cannot return to the abdominal cavity on lying down or with manual pushing. At this stage it also becomes painful.


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